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The ‘Wunder’ of Digital To-Do lists

An ex-colleague rang me up the other day, asking “what’s that to-do list program you use? The one that goes ‘ping’?” He’d been working from home for a couple of weeks, needed to organise all his jobs and hoped the encouragement of a satisfying noise when ticking off a task would help with focus and motivation.

The answer was Wunderlist [insert your own imaginary announcement music here, da-da-dah!]

There are lots of programs you can use to organise your to-do lists: Reminders (iOS), To Doist, Evernote, Microsoft To Do; and then the myriad of more complicated project management programs: Trello, Asana, Monday, etc. My favourite program for ease of use and functionality for a simple to do list, is Wunderlist.

Why Wunderlist is awesome:

  • It’s free
  • Easy to use – a basic list of things with check boxes next to them
  • Pleasurable ‘ping’ when ticking off tasks
  • You can get the app on your phone, iPad, computer, and access online, so you never leave it behind
  • More complex functionality is there for those who want it
  • Multiple lists can be collected together into folders
  • If you think of something you need to do for work when trying to get to sleep, put it straight on your work to do list from your phone and fall asleep safe in the knowledge it’ll be on your desk the next day
  • You can share lists, so send your partner off to the supermarket and put more items on the shopping list whilst they are there
  • You can add subtasks (no satisfying ping for them though, alas)
  • You can add due dates
  • You can schedule reminders
  • You can sync with your calendar to add tasks into your diary
  • You can attach files, notes and comments to tasks
  • Star priority tasks, and see starred tasks together from all your separate lists
  • See tasks by the next week’s deadlines

I could keep going but I’m sure you get the gist. I use Wunderlist every day for personal, home, work, sorting out the WI and making a note of craft projects I’d love to do one day. This is an actual shot of my Wunderlist today:

Down the left-hand side you can see all the lists – ones with people icons beside them are shared, and you can see the Bramley Business Solutions folder with tasks organised by topic. The middle is showing my starred jobs for today grouped by the list they come from. The right-hand side is showing the detail of the task “Clean MINI”, with the subtasks, and you can see where to set the due date, reminder, add notes and comments.

Download Wunderlist from their website and step towards organising your life


I’m not getting paid for this – I have no affiliation with any program – and only recommend software that I truly love. I hope you get as much joy from Wunderlist as I do.

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  1. Funny conincidence that this is the first post I’ve read on your blog as I’ve recently started to adapt to the David Allen “Getting Things Done” methodology and having a powerful way of managing lists is critical to this.
    When researching what to use I discovered that Wunderlust is actually being phased out by new owners Microsoft in favour of their own ‘To Do’ list app. Don’t get too upset though – from what I can tell Microsoft are working hard to transfer functionality over to their new app and I think the original Wunderlust developers are involved in it. Does beg the question of why change it at all if it’s just going to be the same…but I guess there’s some technical rationale behind it (?!).
    So I’ve started using the Microsoft app in conjunction with Outlook tasks (they can sync) and it’s pretty good – so don’t be too dismayed when you eventually have to convert!

    1. Post

      Thanks for the heads up Sam – I am sad I must confess! I suppose as long as the functionality is all there just under a different name/skin then it’ll still be good.

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